System integration of a fluoroscopic image calibration using robot assisted surgical guidance for distal locking process in closed intramedullary nailing of femur

Sakol Nakdhamabhorn, Jackrit Suthakorn


Distal locking procedure is one of the most complex tasks in close intramedullary nailing operation which requires fluoroscopic image to interpret 2-D distal locking position on image related to 3-D distal locking position on the patient site. Hence the surgeon has to perform the distal locking process by using multiple fluoroscopic images which causes a lot of x-ray exposure to the patient and surgeon and is a time consuming task. This paper presents the system integration of a fluoroscopic image calibration using robot assisted surgical guidance. The system integration consists of three parts; distal locking recovery, fluoroscopic calibration and tracking, and robot assisted surgical guidance. The distal locking-hole recovery algorithm is based on characteristic information of the major and minor axes of distal locking hole. The fluoroscopic calibration and tracking is modeled as pin-hole projection model to estimate a projection equation based on optical tracking system. The robot-assisted surgical guidance is developed to overlay a trajectory path using a laser beam for reducing the problem of hand – eye coordination on most surgical navigation system. We integrate each part to complete a surgical navigation system for distal locking process. The experiment of system integration is conducted to validate the accuracy of distal locking axis position and orientation. The results of the system integration shows a mean angular error of 1.10 and mean Euclidean distance in X-Y plane error of 3.65 mm.


fluoroscopic image calibration; close intramedullary nailing; robot assisted surgical guidance; surgical navigation system; optical tracking device

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