Thermal Analysis of a Three-Phase Induction Motor Based on Motor-CAD, Flux2D, and Matlab

afrah thamer abdullah, Amer Mejbel Ali


This paper adopted a thermal network method (TNM) based on  Motor-CAD software, and Matlab/SIMULINK, with finite element method (FEM) based on Flux2D software to perform a thermal analysis of a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), squirrel cage, three-phase induction motor. The thermal analysis is achieved based on a precise knowledge of the test motor geometry, materials, and heat sources (losses). The estimation of heat distribution inside the test motor by this three software is done successfully with a good agreement between its results. The proposed triple-software methodology for this work can be adopted from the motor designer instead of using an experimental test based on a real motor.


Three-phase induction motor; Thermal Analysis; Thermal Network Method; Finite Element Method; Motor CAD

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