Compilation of malay criminological terms from online news

Joanna Chiew Ling Lee, Phoey Lee Teh, Sian Lun Lau, Irina Pak


A Malay language corpus has been established by the Institute of Language and Literature (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, DBP in Malaysia). Most of the past research on the Malay language corpus has focused on the description, lexicography and translation of the Malay language. However, in the existing literature, there is no list of Malay words that categorizes crime terminologies. This study aims to fill that linguistic gap. First, we aggregated the most frequently used crime terminology words from Malaysian online news sources. Five hundred crime-related words were compiled. No automatic machines were in the initial process, but they were subsequently used to verify the data. Four human coders were used to validate the data and ensure the originality of the semantic understanding of the Malay text. Finally, major crime terminologies were outlined from a set of keywords to serve as taggers in our solution. The ultimate goal of this study is to provide a corpus for forensic linguistics, police investigations, and general crime research. This study has established the first corpus of a criminological text in the Malay language.


Criminological text; Malay language; Part-of-speech; Semantic tagging

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